GLL non-glue without glue pocket spring unit production line mattress machine price

Non-glue mattress Pocket spring assembly machine

Environmentally friendly ,save material ,high support

1.Available for zoning

2.Full-ultrasonic welding,

the structure of spring unit is more solid than by hot welding

3.Making the spring unit support more stable

4.Two double-wire heads or two single-wire heads can be connected

Product Detail


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Production capacity 120-160 springs /min
Coiling head Double wire coilling head
Working principle Servo control 
Spring shape Standard versions:barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption 0.33m³/min
Air pressure 0.6-0.7mpa
Power consumption in total 51KW
Power requirements Voltage 3AC380V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Input current 71A
Cable section 3*16m㎡+2*10m㎡
Working temperature +5℃ to +35℃ 
Weight Approx.11000KG
Consumption Material Data
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 65-90g/㎡
Fabric width 3600-680mm
Inner dia. of fabric roll Min.75mm
Outer dia. of fabric roll Max.1000mm
Steel wire
Wire diameter 1.6-2.3mm
Inner dia.of wire roll Min.320mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.1000Kg
Working range(mm)
Wire Diameter Spring Waist Diameter Pocket Spring Height
φ1.6-2.3 φ55-75 120-250

Environmentally friendly

Innovative four-leaf clover non-glued bed core structure, human mechanics and green design concept
Non-glue mattress
Effectively avoid formaldehyde problems caused by glue, and not easy to loosen, the size of the bed core more stable
High support
Cost savings on consumables
Four-leaf clover structure makes the bed core support more stable
Saving material
Anti-collapse, anti-deformation, long-lasting and durable

3.Non-glue pocket spring unit production line

1.Original technology

The equipment can realize fully automatic production of a variety of thicknesses of non-adhesive pocket spring units, undermining the traditional process, abandoning the adhesive bonding.

2.Environmentally friendly spring unit

The production process without any glue bonding, effectively eliminating the glue formaldehyde problem, green and healthy.

3.Mattress zoning

The machine can meet the functional requirements of mattress zoning. It can produce soft and hard zoning pocket spring unit.

4.Ultrasonic wave

The entire welding process is performed by ultrasonic wave. The welding between the spring rows are all performed by ultrasonic wave, which makes the structure of the spring unit stronger, the force of the spring pocket more uniform, and the durability better.

5.Four-leaf clover construction.

More stable support for the spring unit.



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