At the 51st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, Lian Rou’s new products make a stunning appearance

The 51st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair, hosted by the China National Furniture Association, China Foreign Trade Centre Group Co., Ltd. and other units, came to a perfect end on 31 March 2023, with the world's top equipment brands in the furniture industry chain coming together to provide furniture manufacturers with the industry's best solutions.

2-1 mattress machine exhibiton 1
2-2 mattress machine exhibiton 3

As a leading company in the upholstery industry, Lian Rou Machinery leads the upholstery industry in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The new pocket spring machine launched at the exhibition, with a production efficiency of 280 springs/min, is the most efficient in the industry, attracting a large number of domestic and international customers. The intelligence of the machine was unanimously praised by the industry.

Product Highlights at Lian Rou Machinery Exhibition: High Efficiency, Cost Reduction, AI Intelligence, Environmental Health

In addition to the industry's highest production speed pocket spring machine, we also exhibited pocket spring machines that can produce lightweight mattress cores, glue-saving or non-glue pocket spring unit production line, automated inspection equipment that uses AI technology to inspect materials, and various intelligent production components that are practical and reliable for downstream companies to solve many pain points and difficulties in the production process.

【New Product】 The LR-PS-EV280/260 is an ultra high-speed pocket spring machine with a capacity of 280 pocket springs per minute, which is small in size and highly efficient, making it a great tool for reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

2-3.mattress machine LR-PS-EV280 260 2-4mattress machine LR-PS-EV280 260

【New Product】High compression ratio pocket spring machine LR-PS-UMS/UMD with almost 100% pre-compression of the spring, making the mattress core cheaper and lighter.

2-5Pocket spring machine LR-PS-UMS UMD 2-6Pocket spring machine LR-PS-UMS UMD 1

A wide range of intelligent manufacturing components are available to help customers achieve smart factories, production automation and labour cost reduction.

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2-8exbition 2

Post time: Apr-21-2023