Good News — In September 2023, Lianrou Machinery won a number of awards

1. Recognized as one of the “Green Factories” by the Guangzhou Municipal Government


Green factories are assessed and recognized in terms of basic factory requirements, factory infrastructure, management system, energy and resource use, products, environmental emissions, raw material control, waste treatment and recovery, and low carbon production.

Being recognized as a "Green Factory" in Guangzhou proves that Lianrou Machinery has achieved and been recognized for its social responsibility in green, environmental protection and health. Lianrou Machinery will continue to implement the concept of green development, continue to develop green products, implement green production and set a good example for the industry.

2. Public announcement of the recognition of innovative SMEs of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Municipality.


3.Awarded Guangzhou Quality SMEs


It proves that the enterprise is at the forefront of its industry in terms of R&D investment, innovation capability, product technology level, intellectual property management and number of applications, business income, etc., and is recognized by provincial and municipal authorities.

4.Awarded Guangzhou Harmonious Labour Relations Unit 2022


Lianrou Machinery is recognized for caring for its employees, enforcing labour regulations, providing a pleasant working environment, improving management and creating harmonious labour relations.

Post time: Sep-28-2023