Pocket Springs

What are pocket springs?

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Pocket springs are wrapped in non-woven fabric and the cylinder design prevents the springs from rubbing against each other, swinging from side to side or making noise, and the springs do not affect each other and are most commonly used in mattresses. Pocket springs are related to Bonnell springs, the traditional spring mattress is the Bonnell spring, which means that the whole mattress is made of a steel wire connected to a number of springs. By compressing each individual spring, wrapping them in non-woven bags, linking and arranging them, and then gluing them together to create a pocket spring bed net.

Pocket Springs Uses:

Mattress making: The most popular use of pocket springs is to make pocket spring mattresses or the core support layer of other composite mattresses.

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Sofa: Individual pocket springs can be used for sofa cushions, sofa backs and seats.

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Pillow: Used in the core support layer of the pillow, with the benefits of breathability and good support.

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Other resilient support materials: With the advancement of independent pocket spring production technology, independent pocket springs can replace sponge in many scenarios.

Individual pocket spring types:

Conventional type: Pocket spring mattress made by gluing pocket springs, the production process is mature, the market is widely used.

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High Compression Ratio Pocket Springs: Through a special manufacturing process, the compression ratio of the spring encapsulated in a pocket is increased, with a finer wire diameter to produce a stiffer independent pocket spring, you can save a certain amount of production costs.

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Mini height waist diameter ratio pocket springs: the use of smaller spring diameter, larger spring height waist diameter ratio, a single spring support performance is poor, 3-4000 spring arrangement combination for pocket spring bed net, with better support and comfort. Higher cost, complex manufacturing process.

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Special arrangement of pocket springs: common spring tilt arrangement into the pocket and the arc arrangement into the pocket, the use of special encapsulation structure, increasing the gap between the springs, not only makes the pocket spring bed net can be bent at will, and can reduce the number of springs and reduce the weight of the bed net.

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Double-layer independent pocket springs: the upper and lower two layers of independent pocket springs by changing the height to change the support strength for the personalised curve of the mattress to make the mattress more ergonomic, better comfort.

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Box spring: a kind of ultra-thin one-piece pocket spring bed net, soft and good elasticity, more widely used, part of the application scene can replace the foam.

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Non-glue pocket spring bed net: a subversion of the traditional process of pocket spring bed net process, the entire net is ultrasonically welded without the use of adhesives, the mattress produced with this net is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

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Pocket spring production process

Raw material: steel wire, non-woven fabric, hot melt adhesive

Equipment: Pocket spring machine, Pocket spring assembly machine

The process : Heat treatment of steel wire, spring winding, transfer and cooling, encapsulation with non-woven fabric, continuous ultrasonic welding into spring strings, bonding into bed net.

The steel wire is preheated to a certain temperature by the wire frame module in the transfer process, and cut by winding the spring by the spring coiling machine module, and then the individual springs are adsorbed by the magnets on the transfer mechanism to complete the cooling process by air, and then conveyed to the next module to be encapsulated in the bag by the non-woven fabric and complete the continuous ultrasonic welding, and the individual pocket springs are connected to form spring strings, which are bonded by the pocket spring assembly machine to form an individual pocket spring bed net. According to the actual demand, the assembly machine glues the spring strings to the required size, which becomes a semi-finished product for the production of mattresses, sofas and other upholstered furniture.

Another non-adhesive method: the strings of pocket springs produced by the pocket spring machine are welded into a pocket spring bed net by means of a special ultrasonic welding mechanism.

Stiffness control of pocket springs:

The number of coils: the hardness of the spring is controlled by the number of coils of the spring, the general number of independent pocket springs is 5.5-10 coils.

Wire diameter: the thickness of the wire diameter also determines the hardness of the spring, upholstered furniture commonly used pocket spring wire diameter of 1.0-2.3mm

Degree of compression: The springs have a certain degree of compression when encapsulated in the bag; the more compression, the higher the overall firmness of the spring. This method effectively reduces the overall weight and cost of the mattress.

Overall density: The density of the spring arrangement also determines the overall hardness of the bed net, the higher the density, the greater the hardness, the corresponding comfort is higher, the disadvantage is that the weight is large, high cost.

Quality Impact:

Heat treatment process: Heat treatment of springs affects spring performance and service life, and precise control of temperature and cooling time during heat treatment is critical.

Steel wire quality: The specification, quality and strength of the steel wire directly affects the quality of the spring.

Fabric quality: The thickness of the non-woven fabric, grams per unit area, processing technology, raw materials, etc. affect the service life of independent pocket springs.

Welding and bonding quality: the ultrasonic welding technology directly affects the strength of the weld and the integrity of the package. The uniformity of the weld, the temperature of the adhesive and other factors affect the bond, which directly affects the life of the entire pocket spring bed net.

Post time: Dec-20-2023