Lian Rou Machinery, the world’s leading mattress equipment R&D and design company.

30 years of specialisation in the development of mattress equipment

Lian Rou Machinery was founded in 1978, the initial stage of mould manufacturing, in the 90s, began to deepen the research and development of soft furniture machinery and equipment. 2005 officially named "Lian Rou Machinery ("Guangzhou Lian Rou Machinery Co., Ltd."), with years of accumulated experience in electromechanical and mechanical technology, through unremitting efforts and innovation, a number of technologies have been in the leading position in the industry.

In 1998, we developed China's first mechanically driven pocket spring production machine, which filled a gap in domestic technology, and in 2003, we developed China's first CNC pocket spring production machine. Since then, we have continuously updated and improved our pocket spring production technology and developed a series of industry-leading products in terms of cost reduction, efficiency and environmental protection. By 2023, there will be 13 types of industry-leading pocket spring production machines with different functions, 5 types of industry-leading pocket spring gluing machines, dozens of pocket spring production lines with different combinations, 13 types of mattress packaging equipment with different functions and fully automatic mattress packaging production lines, 2 types of automatic spray gluing and laminating equipment with AI function, and a variety of personalised custom design solutions and a variety of intelligent production components, as well as SMART LINE. And SMART LINE intelligent production collaboration system.

Superior R&D strength

R&D Platforms: We have 3 provincially certified R&D qualification platforms, namely "Engineering Technology Research Centre" certified by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, "Enterprise Industrial Design Centre" certified by Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and "Enterprise Technology Centre" certified by Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

The accreditation of the relevant R&D qualification platform is organised by the government departments, through the evaluation of experts in the industry field and on-site inspection, the comprehensive evaluation and recognition of the innovation ability, performance transformation ability, R&D investment, R&D team, R&D equipment, intellectual property rights and management system of the company's R&D organisation, etc., and must be dynamically evaluated and assessed every two years, which is the most authoritative and reliable R&D qualification authentication in China.

2. R&D team: There are 50-80 high-tech, high-level R&D and design personnel on a long-term basis. There are 1 doctor, 2 masters, more than 60% of undergraduate education, including mechanical design, automation, electrical, CNC, software development, professional technicians and other types of talent, more than 80% of the tenure of more than 5 years. We also have R&D co-operation with many domestic universities, and our R&D team is stable and professional.

3.R&D equipment: more than 10 million yuan of special R&D equipment, including design, moulding, trial production, testing and other special equipment and software, which provides a strong guarantee for R&D activities and greatly shortens the R&D cycle, with an average R&D cycle for new products of 12 months.

4. Investment in R&D: The annual investment in R&D accounts for about 5% of the operating revenue, which is used for product development, technological innovation, talent development, intellectual property protection and other aspects to ensure the company's sustainable innovation activities.

5.Intellectual Property Rights: At present, the Company has applied for more than 200 patents in the professional field, of which 34 invention patents have been granted, 81 utility model patents have been granted, 6 software copyrights have been obtained, 47 PCT search reports have been obtained, and 8 patents have been granted internationally. The company leads in the number of intellectual property rights and core technology patents, and the granted patents cover pocket spring production equipment, production method, core structure, etc., as well as a variety of pocket spring bed net patents. Two invention patents have won the title of "China Patent Award".

Global leadership in R&D and design

Pocket spring machines series

Pocket spring machine LR-PS-EV280, the highest productivity in the world, production efficiency 280 springs / minute, and has a small size, low energy consumption and other characteristics.

Green environmental protection non-adhesive pocket spring bed net production line LR-PSA-GLL, the world's first fully automatic production of various thicknesses of non-adhesive pocket spring bed net, subversion of the traditional process, abandon the glue bonding, effectively eliminate the formaldehyde problem of glue.

PSLINE-DL, the only machine on the market capable of producing a double-layer pocket spring mattress, produces a double-layer pocket spring mattress with a gradual change in support that can be personalised to the pressure curve of the human body's sleeping position.

High elasticity pocket spring production machine: LR-PS-UMS/UMD, original high compression ratio technology, high compression, high rebound, spring compression of up to 66% encapsulated in a fabric bag, with stronger elastic support, the production of pocket spring bed net with low weight, low cost and other advantages.

2 Pocket Spring Assembly Machine Series

LR-PSA-109P, after the pocket spring strips have been bonded to form the pocket spring, the foam is automatically bonded to the six sides of the spring to complete the assembly of the mattress' comfort layer.

Ultra high-speed pocket spring assembly machine LR-PSA-99EX, the industry's highest production efficiency, adopts double-row feeding design, bonding two rows of pocket spring strings at the same time, faster speed, bonding more than 30 rows per minute.

3.Mattress packing equipment series

Mattress Flat Packing Equipment: Fully automatic mattress kraft paper packaging production line LR-MP-55P-LINE, adopts flexible packaging design, integrating multiple mattress packaging processes: 1 put desiccant, manual; 2 automatic packing PE film; 3 automatic cutting, packing foam cotton corner protector, put the foot gloves; 4 automatic cutting, hold the paper corner protector; 5 automatic packing kraft paper; 6 automatic labelling. The whole process can be completed within 35 seconds, greatly improving the overall efficiency of mattress packaging. The production line can also be used separately, separate packaging PE film or separate packaging kraft paper.

Compression-Folding-Roll-packing machine: Automatic Mattress Roll-packing Machine LR-KPLINE-27P, can be compressed and folded and rolled many times, the size of the packaged mattresses is smaller, which is convenient for losing, e-commerce sales and so on. With super high packing efficiency, 25-35 seconds to pack a mattress, suitable for borderless pocket spring mattress, sponge mattress, latex mattress.

Other mattress packing equipment: multi-mattress roll packing machine, sponge block roll packing machine, fully automatic mattress carton loading machine, etc., to meet a variety of mattress cost and semi-finished products of high efficiency and non-destructive packaging.

4.Intelligent Production Components Series

A range of automated and intelligent production components, designed specifically for large intelligent production lines, can replace manual labour and improve efficiency.

Lifting transplanter, gantry palletiser, mattress caching machine, roller conveyor, UV disinfection, turning & pressing machine, spray code identification tracking system for mattresses/bed nets, AGV (lifting/submerging), production line switching platforms and so on.

5.Custom Design Series

Custom design and development according to customers' actual needs, combined with customers' plant topography, capacity requirements, product models, management shortcomings and other characteristics of design and development. We have custom designed and developed fully automated intelligent production lines for many customers, optimising the three-dimensional space of the plant and greatly reducing the cost of the mattress production process.

Industry recognised quality

Our products have passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, and all our export products have passed CE certification, and some of our products have passed UL certification.

Our products sell well in 80 countries around the world, among which the market share of pocket spring production equipment is the first in the world, and we have Sealy, Yalan, Serta, Simmons, Ikea and other internationally renowned customers.

Worldwide after-sales service

Provide 24-hour after-sales service, developed Lianrou Intelligent Management Platform, which can connect the global equipment to provide online after-sales service, provide remote troubleshooting, operation and maintenance services, and provide real-time online fault solutions. Provide customers with spare parts management, maintenance cycle management and parts life cycle management.

With multiple service centres around the world, professional engineers can provide fast and timely door-to-door installation, commissioning, maintenance and professional training services to ensure a worry-free after-sales experience.

Post time: Dec-12-2023