26P/26PRO Spring foam latex automatic roll packing compressing folding mattress packing machine

Minimum space occupation, leading performance

1.Hydraulic system of Japanese brand

2.Conforming to CE standard

3.With Roll packing ,compression and folding function ,easy to pack bonnell mattresses ,pocket spring mattress ,without border frame,foam,latex mattress.

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Smart and efficient

1.The continuous production takes 25-32 second/unit
2.Reduce manual intervention
3.Mattresses of different sizes can be centered automatically
4.Automatic packing, welding and adjusting
5.Support front and rear end welding ,with compact and beautiful packaging appearance

High pressure

1.Imported hydraulic system is adopted ,Its maximum pressure can reach 100 tons, ensuring firm edge welding and no air leakage
Folding mode
1.Realize the function of rotating, a half folding etc.
2.The size of the mattress can be changed flexibly
3.Have precise pressure control and convenient tightness adjustment.
4.The rolling diameter can range from φ220mm to φ550mm



Here are some FAQs about our mattress assembly machine and mattress packaging machines:

1) What type of mattress assembly machine do you offer?

We offer manual, automatic mattress  assembly equipment.

2) What are the benefits of using your mattress assembly machine?

Our glue machine is efficient and saves on adhesive usage. It is suitable for continuous or intermittent gluing and is easy to operate and maintain.

3) What type of mattresses can be packaged using your mattress packaging machine?

Our mattress packaging machine is perfect for compressed roll packaging of sponge, latex, and pocket spring mattresses.

4) What are the benefits of using your mattress packaging machine?

Our mattress packaging machine helps to reduce storage and transportation costs by compressing mattresses into a smaller roll size. It is also easy to operate a


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