RP-20P Automatic foam roll packing mattress compression lamination machine for sale

Reliable wavy double seal

Compress and pack foam roll or block

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Heat-treatment and spring rebound

Automatic foam-roll compressing machine LR-RP-20P of Lian Rou

Compression by belt, no damage to the sponge block

Fast compression and high service life

High compression rate and stable compression size

Equipped with an automatic loading assist system

Easy loading and unloading, effective protection of foam-roll block


Introducing the LR-RP-20P Automatic Foam-Roll Compressing Machine, a game-changer in the foam manufacturing industry!

Are you tired of the traditional way of compressing foam blocks, which often results in damage and reduced lifespan? Look no further than this efficient and reliable machine, which uses belt compression to ensure that your foam blocks remain intact.

Not only does the LR-RP-20P compress foam blocks quickly, but it also boasts a long service life. The high compression rate and stable compression size make this machine a great investment for any foam manufacturing company.

3. LR-RP-20P

Plus, it comes equipped with an automatic loading assist system, making the loading and unloading process a breeze. This system also provides effective protection for your foam-roll blocks.

2. LR-RP-20P (2)

If you're considering purchasing a foam roll packing mattress compression lamination machine, the LR-RP-20P is an excellent choice. Its efficiency and reliability make it a top choice for busy foam manufacturing companies.

Don't settle for traditional foam compression methods that damage your blocks and reduce their lifespan. Invest in the LR-RP-20P for a faster, more efficient process that ensures your foam blocks remain in top condition.


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