27P Spring foam latex automatic coil spring compressor mattress roll packing machine

Minimum space occupation, leading performance

Available for multiple folding and compression

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1.Best selling 

The best-selling mattress roll-packing machine with small dimensions and leading performance

2.Folding, compression and roll packing.

The equipment can realize multiple folding, compression and roll packing, the size of the packed mattress is smaller, which is convenient for the transportation of mattresses, e-commerce sales, and convenient for the mattresses to be carried into the home, into the elevator or other narrow spaces.

3.Ultra-high packing efficiency

Only 25-35 seconds to pack a mattress, suitable for borderless pocket spring mattresses, sponge mattresses, latex mattresses and so on.

4.CE Standard.

Tested and certified by SGS, in accordance with CE standard.

4.Automatic mattress roll-packing machine LR-KPLINE-27P

So why choose the 27P spring foam latex automatic coil spring compressor mattress roll packing machine? For starters, this machine boasts a compact design that takes up minimal space in your facility. This means that you can maximize your workspace, while still producing high-quality products efficiently and effectively.

In addition, this machine has been designed for multiple folding and compression, allowing you to customize the compression level of your mattress according to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to reduce the size of a high-density foam mattress or compress a plush pillow-top mattress, this machine has got you covered.

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