75P Semi-automatic manual control Pocket coil spring assembly mattress machines

75P semi automatic pocket spring assembly machine

1. 5-6 strips/min

2.Electronic control cutting device for the top&bottom fabric

3. Independent hot melt jets

Product Detail


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Model LR-PSA-75P
Production Capacity 5-6 strings/minute
Hot melt glue application system Nordson(the USA) or Robatech (Switzerland)
Capacity of glue tank 7 kg
Gluing method Continuous gluing mode /
Interrupted gluing mode
Control of assembling platform Electronic control
Possibility of assembling zoned tape Possible
Possibility of assembling zoning mattress Possible
Operation and Application Feed the pocket spring strings manually
Air Consumption 0.1m³/min
Air pressure 0.6-0.7mpa
Power consumption in total 6.5kw
Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Input current 12A
Cable section 3*6mm²+2*4mm²
Working temperature +5℃ to + 35 ℃
Weight Approx.2600kgs
Consumption Material Data
Non-woven fabric data
Fabric density 65-80g/m²
Fabric width 450-2200mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll Min.60mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.600mm
Hot Melt Glue Data
Shape Pellet or pieces
Viscosity 125℃---6100cps
Softening point 85±5℃
Working Range
 Option Spring Waist Diameter (mm) Pocket Spring Height (mm)
Option-01 45-75 100-300
Option-02 30-75 60-240

Manual mode

At the heart of the 75P is a state-of-the-art coil spring assembly system that can accommodate up to 5-6 strips per minute, ensuring that your production lines can keep pace with even the busiest of schedules. The manual control system allows you to fine-tune your production processes for optimal performance, while the advanced electronic control cutting device for the top and bottom fabric ensures precise and consistent cuts every time.

But the 75P is more than just a powerful and efficient mattress machine. With its independent hot melt jets, it can also help you achieve unparalleled levels of quality and consistency in every aspect of your manufacturing processes. Whether you're producing traditional coil spring mattresses or the latest in hybrid designs, the 75P is the ideal solution for automating your production lines and ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of quality and comfort.

3. 75P Assembly machine
2.75P Assembly machine 2

So if you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to enhance your mattress manufacturing processes, look no further than the 75P Semi-automatic manual control Pocket coil spring assembly mattress machine. With its advanced features, cutting-edge design, and unparalleled performance, it's simply the best mattress machine on the market today.


1) Do you have a global after-sales network?

Yes, we have a global after-sales network which includes remote online assistance.

2) What is your production efficiency compared to industry standards?

Our patented technologies make our production efficiency the highest in the industry.

3) Can we purchase spare parts for your machines?

Yes, we sell spare parts for our machines.

4) What is your lead time for production?

The lead time for production varies on the product and order quantity. We can provide more information on lead times for specific orders.

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