97P 550 springs/min Full automatic and semi-automatic manual spring coiling assembly machine

Tow modes High speed pocket spring machine

Efficient and intelligent, easy to operate for the control interface ,

integration of semi-automatic and full-automatic modes

1.Shorter in length and less floor space

2. 550 springs per minute

3.Available for placing spring strips manually

Product Detail


Product Tags

Model LR-PSA-97P
Production capacity Max.550 springs/min
Hot melt application system Nordson(USA)or Robatech(Switzerland)
Capacity of glue tank 18KG
Gluing method  Spot spray,continuous spray and general economic mode
Possibility of assembling zoned tape Available
Possibility of assembling zoing mattress Available
Air consumption Approx 0.3m³/min
Air pressure  0.6 ~ 0.7 mpa
Power consumption in total 13KW
Power requirements Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 25A
Cable section 3*10m㎡+2*6m㎡
Working temperature +5℃~ +35ºC
Weight Approx.4300Kg
Consumption Material Data
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 65~80g/㎡
Fabric width 450~2200mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll Min.60mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.600mm
Hot Melt Glue
Shape Pellet or pieces
Viscosity 125℃---6100cps
Softening point  85±5℃
Working range(mm)
Pocket Spring Waist Diameter Pocket Spring Height
φ37~75 55~250


Automatic Mode

Manual automatic all-in-one pocket spring assembly machine LR-PSA-97P
The machine can be combined with three spring machines to form a "3 dragged by 1" production line

Manual mode

1.Free switching between the three channels, thus increasing feeding efficiency

2.Spraying and feeding of the spring bars are carried out simultaneously without interference

3.Adhesive efficiency up to 17 rows per minute, and economical benefits

4.The machine is equipped with a "manual mode",Manual loading of spring rows under the protection of the grating sensor, safe and efficient

2.semi-automatic and full-automatic pocket spring assembly machine2

Cost Saving

4.semi-automatic and full-automatic pocket spring assembly machine4

1.The equipment can be used to recycle qualified spring rows that have been misjudged by other automatic assembly machine to produce mattresses
2.In addition, the machine is suitable for the production of special mattress samples and customized mattresses
The perfect replacement for the customer's existing semi-automatic assembly machine


Two modes
1.Two modes - manual and automatic - to meet the different needs of customers

3.semi-automatic and full-automatic pocket spring assembly machine3


1) Can we choose colors for your products?

Our products come in fixed colors and specifications. However, if you can meet our MOQ, we can customize the color of the product.

2) What are the advantages of your spring machine?

We offer patented technologies that provide the highest production efficiency in the industry. We also offer multiple production plans to choose from.

3) What are the benefits of your glue machine?

Our glue machine is efficient and saves on adhesive usage. Running speed can reach up to 30 rows per minute, and we offer manual, automatic, double-row, and multi-face glue equipment. Our glue machine is suitable for continuous or intermittent gluing, easy to operate and maintain.

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