UMS/D High compression ratio pocket spring coiling coiler machine for sale

High compression rate mattress pocket spring machine

1.Patented ultra-high spring pre-compression technology

2.Same wire diameter, stronger spring support to reduce the cost of materials and transportation

3.Unique high compression ratio with high elasticity achieve the same hardness product at a lower cost

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Product Name Pocket spring machine
Production capacity 160 springs/mins.
Coiling head Single wire servo coiling head/Double wire servo coiling head
Working principle Servo control
Spring shape Standard versions: barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption  0.23m³/min.
Air pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Power consumption in total 40KW 43KW
Power requirements Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input current 60A  65A
Cable section 3*16 m㎡ + 2*10 m㎡
Working temperature +5℃ - +35℃
Weight Approx.4000Kg Approx.5000Kg
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 70-90g/m2
Fabric width 370-680mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll 75mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.1000mm
Steel wire
Wire diameter 1.6-2.1mm
Inner dia.of wire roll Min.320mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.1000Kg
Applicable spring specifications(mm)
Original height of spring 160-360
Maximum compression ratio 66%
  Wire Diameter Spring Waist Diameter Pocket Spring Height
Option 1 φ1.6-2.1mm φ55-70mm 120-250mm

U-loop Design

Patented U-loop spring conveyor provides long cooling time for the springs Equipped With a high-speed spring coiler for high production efficiency.
Equipped with a high-speed spring coiler for high production efficiency.
Patented high compression ratio push spring technology,with a compression ratio of up to 66%
Spring production speed up to 160 pcs/min.
Efficient welding, stable spring output, and good product quality.
The spring has good resilience performance.

With Enough time of cooling ,springs will result in that the spring reflects good bounce, making the mattress not easy  to sagging!

1.Highly resilient, ultra-high spring pre-compression technology

Highly resilient, ultra-high spring pre-compression technology, where the spring is compressed up to 66% and then encapsulated in a fabric pocket for greater elastic support. Smaller diameter wire can be used to produce higher quality spring units.

2.Low weight

Low weight. the same size, same thickness, same support performance of the pocket spring unit, you can use a smaller wire diameter, through the high compression ratio way to achieve better performance, reduce the weight of the spring units, easy to transport.

3.Low cost.

Low cost. The same performance of spring unit with smaller diameter steel wire, each spring unit (2000*1500mm) saves about 3KG weight of steel wire, saving material cost and transportation cost.

4. Zoning function

It meets the requirements of zoning function and is available in two models: two-wire zoning function and single-wire conventional.

5.Technology patents

Technology patents, with relevant spring heat treatment patents and spring compression encapsulation and other invention patents, leading technology in the industry.

Consumables savings

In the case of ensuring the same support, the use of fine steel wire will weigh less than coarse steel wire. For example, in the experiment, the wire diameter of 1.7mm compared with 1.9mm, according to various spring styles, it is conservatively estimated that each spring can save about 3g or more, and a single mattress core, depending on the size specifications, will save 3-5kg. According to the current price estimates of steel wire, it is expected that each mattress core can save 20-30 RMB. If we calculate the daily output of 500 mattresses, we can save about 10000 RMB for the manufacturer in a single day!

2.Pocket spring machine LR-PS-UMS UMD 1

Transportation saving

The same volume of mattresses, high compression ratio equipment to produce mattresses with lighter weight, transport costs are reduced accordingly. Therefore, it is more convenient to promote the use of electric business

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