SD180 automatic mattress production making machine manufacturers china

180 springs /min Lianrou hot sale stable pocket spring machine
1.U structure / Over 60 magnetic conveying units/good cooling effect
2.Digital analog integration ultra-sonic
3.Available for zoning
4.Stable spring production process and good product quality.

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Product Name Pocket spring machine
Model LR-PS-S180 LR-PS-D180
Production Capacity 180 springs/min.
Coiling Head Single wire servo coiling head/
Double wire servo coiling head
Working Principle Servo control
Spring Shape Standard versions: barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption 0.3m³/min.
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Power Consumption in total 40KW 43KW
Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 60A  65A
Cable Section 3*16 m㎡ + 2*10 m㎡
Working Temperature +5℃ - +35℃
Weight Approx.4000Kg Approx.5000Kg
Consumption Material Date
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 65-90g/m2
Fabric width 260~680mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll 75mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.1000mm
Steel wire
Wirediameter 1.3-2.3mm
Inner dia.of wire roll Min.320mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.1000Kg
Working Range(mm)
  Wire Diameter Spring Waist Diameter Pocket Spring Height
Option1 φ1.6-2.3mm Φ48-75mm 80-250mm
Option2 φ1.3-1.9mm Φ38-65mm 60-220mm

High-speed wire frame

Adopt adaptive high-speed wire frame for efficient production.

Double wire Servo coiling head

With double wire Servo coiling head, resulting in high efficiency of spring coiling.

U-loop Design

We adopt the patented U-loop spring conveyor with 60 magnet holders, resulting in longer cooling time.

Welding Quality

Our Pocket spring machine Detail

Our pocket spring machines can automatically complete all processes such as spring coiling, heat treatment, conveying and bag forming within a working cycle. The operation is very simple and fast.

Our machine can reach the fastest speed of 280 pieces per minute.

The speed of this product is 180 pieces per minute. You can choose the product model according to your daily output requirements. Our machines can meet your daily output needs and product quality requirements

4.Pocket spring machine LR-PS-S180D180 1

At the same time, the machines can adjust the diameter, height, number of turns and shape of the spring through parameter setting, which fully reflects the different softness and hardness of the pocket springs, and provide the platform and space for customers to develop new products.

2.Pocket spring machine LR-PS-S180D180
3.Pocket spring machine LR-PS-S180D180

Note: For more details on mattress pocket spring machines, please contact our sales representative.

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