EV280 High speed coil spring machine pocket spring mattress sealing machine

280 springs /min high speed mattress pocket spring machines

1.E structure / Over 120 magnetic conveying units/good cooling effect

2.Digital analog integration ultra-sonic

3.Available for zoning

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LR-PS-EV280 Pocket spring machine
Model LR-PS-EV80 LR-PS-EV260
Production Capacity 280springs/min. 260springs/min.
Coiling Head Single wire servo coiling head +
Double wire servo coiling head
Working Principle Servo control
Spring Shape Standard versions: barrel and cylindrical
Air consumption  0.4m³/min.
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Power Consumption in total 55KW 50KW
Voltage 3AC 380V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 90A
Cable Section 3*35 m㎡ + 2*16 m㎡
Working Temperature +5℃ - +35℃
Weight Approx.6000Kg
Consumption Material Date
Non-woven fabric
Fabric density 65-90g/m2
Fabric width 260~680mm
Inner dia.of fabric roll 75mm
Outer dia.of fabric roll Max.1000mm
Steel wire
Wirediameter 1.3-2.3mm
Inner dia.of wire roll Min.320mm
Outer dia.of wire roll Max.1000mm
Acceptable weight of wire roll Max.1000Kg
Working Range(mm)
Wire Diameter φ1.6-2.3mm
Spring Waist Diameter Φ48-75mm
Pocket Spring Height 80-250mm

Production efficiency

280 springs/minute, the highest in the industry

Double-layered internal structure to save space in three-dimensional factory space

Reduced costs and increased efficiency, with a higher ratio of output per unit of floor space.

1.The original E-shape transfer structure design

The original E-shape transfer structure design can accommodate more magnetic bases, catching the freshly coiled springs and at the same time completing the cooling down during the transfer process; the heat treatment process is precisely achieved, and the springs are already cooled to the appropriate temperature when they are encapsulated in the bag, which greatly improves the production efficiency without affecting the support and stability of the springs.The design of this E-shaped conveyor structure reduces the size of the equipment, thereby reducing the footprint of the equipment and saving space in the workshop.

3.mattress machine LR-PS-EV280 260

2.The single wire and double wire spring coiler

The single wire spring coiler and double wire spring coiler work at the same time, there 3 wire frames supply the steel wire at the same time, there is no worry about overloading and wire overtightening protection.


3.Integrated digital-analogue ultrasonic generator

Integrated digital-analogue ultrasonic generator: ① faster welding speed, higher efficiency; ② automatic frequency tracking, more accurate welding, stronger welds; ③ sensitive overload protection, reduce product defect rate; ④ automatic power adjustment, control welding speed.

4.Soft and hard zoned spring units

The machine can realise the production of soft and hard zoned spring units. Double wire feed spring coiling technology, using double wire numerical control spring coiler, fast and automatic change of steel wires according to machine settings, thus changing the softness and hardness of different zones of spring units. Arbitrary setting of zoning area and control panel is easy to operate and set up.

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